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There are a couple ways to can lookup how you are tied in to the Laberee / Labaree family tree.

Graphically – using the Family tree section of the site.
*note: as of 8.22.2009 this is only about 30% complete

PDF Book – History of the Descendants of Peter Labaree Charlestown, New Hampshire
Genealogies and Sketches of Families from the French and Indian War of 1754 to the Present Time (Published 1912)
*note: Not all information contained in here is 100% accurate.  If your facts do not match please reference a primary source (birth certificate, marriage license, etc) and drop me a note.

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  • My father recently died and was always mentioning Mohawk heritage. I’m assuming it came from his mother’s side. They were new Englanders. Her father’s name was Paul Labree. My father’s name was Edward Murray (in case there was any from his side). My father had relatives in Sherbrooke Canada. Is there anyway to trace this? Thank you.

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