Welcome to the Laberee family web site. If your last name is Laberee, Labaree, or something very similar then you most likely descended from Peter Laberee 1724-1803 and Ruth Putnam 1720-1810 from Salem, MA and later Charlestown, NH.
Nothing is currently known about whom Peter’s parents are or if he had any siblings. Please let me know if you have any information on his family or even theories as to the original French spelling of Laberee.

Some possible names that Peter may have descended from are:

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Jane Labaree Genealogy

Title: History of the Descendants of Peter Labaree Charlestown, New Hampshire
Publication: 1912
Note: Genealogies and Sketches of Families from the French and Indian War of 1754 to the Present Time.
Note: The Tuck Library, 30 Park St., Concord, NH 03301-6384

Does anyone have an original copy of this book? I have a photocopy but the images reproduced in it are very poor. I’d like to post some high quality scans or DSLR pictures of the illustrations in the book. There are 31 pictures in my reproduction.

If no one has an original I think the library above might have one. Anyone live close to Concord, NH?

Peter Laberee

What is known of Peter Laberee 1724-1803

Source: History of Fort No. 4, Charlestown, NH by Rev. Saunderson

p.462 Peter Labaree b. l724 at Salem MA was descended from Huguenots who were driven from France through religious persecution. He was a ships’ carpenter at Salem until l750 at which time he moved to Fort No. 4. On August 30, l754 he went to the home of Capt James Johnson and was captured with that family by Indians and taken with Ebenezer Farnsworth and the Johnsons to Canada. His wife was Ruth Putnam, daug of Seth and Ruth Putnam. They married l746, at either Salem or Danvers, MA. They had 9 child- ren listed in detail p. 466

What is not known is what the original French spelling is for Laberee. Who are his parents? Did he have any siblings?

He was born in Salem. I believe baptism records exist and I know his marriage license exists. Anyone living near Boston able to get a scan or DSLR picture of the marriage certificate?